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Caitlin reviews Charnos Geo net tights

“We want to introduce you to Lingerie Lowdown®. Whether you are looking to buy for yourself or treat a loved one, there’s no-one better to give you the lowdown than our personally selected team of women and men from around the world who won’t hold back in giving you their honest opinions and advice.”
The Lingerie Lowdown Team

Who we are and what we do…

Girls, we’ll give you the lowdown on lingerie, bras, hosiery, bodies and more. It might be something for the bedroom or something to make you feel confident in the office. You may want to feel sexy on a night out.

Guys, we’ll be looking at briefs and other underwear to make you feel confident and to give your partners a treat. We’ll also be looking at sportswear and more.

Our team of impartial reviewers includes everyday girlfriends and boyfriends, wives and husbands, professional models, dancers, TV presenters and actors. They’ll give you their honest and impartial views on all the big brands and maybe some you’ve not tried yet. We’re not affiliated with any brand or retailer, so it’s the real deal with our team of presenters from across the world.

We’ve got you covered…

No matter what your age, body size or ethnicity, we’ve got you covered, or should we say ‘uncovered’?
Nothing is staged in a studio, you’ll be welcomed into the homes of our presenters. They’ll even give you advice and tips on how to style the product they are reviewing for when you are out, or entertaining your loved one at home.

Lingerie Lowdown® is a brand new subscription-based website, with no annoying ads. We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram. Occasionally you’ll find us on Snapchat too. Our aim is to inspire, inform and entertain you all, with our lovely team of presenters from all across the world.

Empower yourself

Lingerie and underwear is nothing to be shy about. Brands are making products that are designed to be seen. Our reviewers will experiment with styling these products, so let us make the mistakes so you don’t have to!

We’ll educate you and entertain you at the same time so there’ll be nothing to be afraid of the next time you want to purchase lingerie or underwear.

Come and join us

Come and join us today and enjoy a warm welcome from our hand-picked and amazing international team of presenters as we inspire you, delight you and most importantly, inform you.

Co-founder of Lingerie Lowdown®

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  • We are spoiling our members today Not 1 not evenhellip
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