Plastic reduction
We want to encourage the lingerie and hosiery industry to change

Plastic reduction - We want to encourage the lingerie and hosiery industry to change

“After watching a documentary on the BBC about single use plastic I have been amazed by the amount of unnecessary use of plastic in packaging – #PlasticReduction
Penny Lee

What’s the problem?

First of all we need to appreciate that plastic is an incredible material and has transformed our lives in so many ways and it’s a material that should be celebrated. However, we have all become more aware in recent years that single use plastic is becoming a major problem for our planet and the wildlife that inhabits this land and sea and it’s this non-recyclable or single use plastic which is the cause for concern, not plastic itself.

While some feel the only way to take action is to participate in aggressive and polarising action towards companies that continue to use single use plastic in their packaging, we believe there is another way. So we want to share with you all the thoughts of our presenters, who at the end of the day are consumers like you and me and they all make decisions on where to spend their money on and the issue of single use plastic is becoming a factor that many consider when choosing where to spend their money.

What do our presenters think?

So we want to share the thoughts of some of the presenters who work with Lingerie Lowdown. Please take a look at what they think about this issue and we want you to share and spread the word with your friends to get companies to understand how important these issues are.

We will be adding more messages from the team very soon…

Brands that are changing already

We want to celebrate and champion those brands who’ve taken steps to either reduce significantly or ban the use entirely of single use plastic in their packaging and over the coming months as we review more and more, we will be adding to the list below of those brands who are looking at new ways to package their products.

We salute the following brands for the changes they are making to how lingerie and hosiery is packaged and helping to reduce single use plastic wherever possible.

Purchase a gift box when ordering online and your items come wrapped in tissue paper. Products presented in cardboard boxes. They box all their products, wrapped in tissue paper.
Bodystockings come boxed and wrapped in paper. They box all their products, wrapped in paper. All orders wrapped in tissue paper.

What can you do?

Simple really, visit our YouTube Channel where all these messages will be published and accessible to the millions who watch our previews every month on our YouTube channel. We strongly recommend that you like the videos, leave comments but more importantly share them with all your friends and family, adding the hashtag #PlasticReduction and together we can make the lingerie and hosiery industry wake up to the fact that consumers want to see change and we hope that they can make those changes sooner rather than later.