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Welcome to Lingerie Lowdown

“Are you in the market for some new lingerie? Look no further than Lingerie Lowdown! Our team of reviewers, from across the globe, are dedicated to providing you with honest opinions and advice. Treat yourself or a loved one today!”
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Look no further than Lingerie Lowdown – the impartial consumer champion that’s been reviewing lingerie, hosiery, and more for over 8 years! With more than 11,000 full-length reviews from 875 brands, our exclusive content will INSPIRE, DELIGHT, and INFORM you in ways you never thought possible. We welcome everyone – regardless of age, gender, body shape, size, or ethnicity to join our community and feel great in their own skin.

Our presenters film informative video reviews from their homes, showcasing brands and styles you may not have tried before. And with memberships starting at just £9.99 a month, it’s never been easier to treat yourself or a loved one to something special.

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Lingerie and underwear should never be anything to be shy about! Our expert reviewers experiment with styling and educate you on the latest trends. Let us make the mistakes so you don’t have to. We’ll entertain you every step of the way, so you’ll never be afraid to purchase lingerie or underwear again!

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