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Everyone at Lingerie Lowdown® has been overwhelmed by the love and support shown since we launched the business back in 2016 which seems so long ago now. In that short period of time we have become the world’s No.1 online destination to get the views and thoughts of real women and men on everything from hosiery to lingerie, sleep wear to kink wear! No team online delivers so much content on a daily basis, over 9,000+ reviews and adding more every day.

But we don’t want to stop and we know you don’t want us to. As you know, we purchase the vast majority of the products that you see us reviewing here. We do not get paid by any brands and will never accept a payment from them either, how could we remain so impartial if we did?

We’ve recently been getting requests from members and those who support us across our social channels that they would like to support us even more than with just a membership. They want to be able to support us with a monetary gift so we can buy even more products for our team to review.

Whether it’s £1 or £100, you can choose how much you want to give us and every penny will be gratefully received. We’ve been humbled by these kind offers, so we have setup the means to do this using PayPal. This allows you to send us a monetary gift that we guarantee will be used to buy more products and bring you even more presenters as we continue to grow.

Simply click on the SUPPORT US button below which will allow you to make a gift via PayPal.

Lingerie Lowdown® is the trading name of WDS Digital Media Limited who manage the website and associated profile pages on social network sites. WDS Digital Media will appear on the PayPal page above.

We have a short message below from Sophia Smith, one of the very first presenters to ever join us and the fact she’s still here and loving every thing we do is testament to what Lingerie Lowdown® stands for.