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Samantha Alexandra reviews Capezio semi opaque hold and stretch footed tights

Over the past couple of years we’ve had lots of questions from members, followers and those just interested to know more about what we here at do at Lingerie Lowdown®. We’ve gone through them all to compile our very own FAQs, so in no particular order…

Do you film in 4K?

4K cameras are not cheap but some of the team have invested in high end kit to enable them to film 4K. We reserve all 4K content for members so what you’ll see on social channels is primarily 720p and occasionally 1080HD content. We believe that the members deserve to get the best quality so that’s where we keep all the 4K content. We mark on all posts on our website when a review is available in 4K.

Do you film in a studio?

What’s unique about us is that we have presenters from across the globe filming for us. Therefore we are not stuck in a makeshift studio or someone’s bedroom making our content. It’s all personally filmed by the presenter themselves. We firmly believe that allowing the presenters to film themselves at home gives a more genuine and personal touch to the reviews.

Some of the team travel the world for their modelling and they often take time out to shoot reviews in hotel rooms or by the pool (more about that next week) so you get a wide and diverse range of locations, keeping the content fresh for you all.

How many products have you reviewed?

We have reviewed more than 11,000 individual products and each and every review is available online for our members to access. Once published we will never remove any of the reviews. We don’t operate ‘time-limited’ access to content to encourage members to remain each month! We are here to offer genuine reviews, not tease, so why would we want to remove any of these incredible reviews? Lingerie Lowdown is a website that you can trust in.

How many models do you work with?

We’ve worked with over 120 incredible men and women from across the globe. From 15 countries our team have brought you and continue to bring you a wide and diverse range of products and opinions. We will continue to recruit new presenters all the time as we continue to grow the business and our offering to you all.

Can you ask the presenters to put on makeup when filming?

Our presenters are real women (and men), bringing you real reviews. We have many professional models working with us but we believe there is no need to be covered in a lot of makeup to provide an honest review of the product. We allow the presenters the creative freedom to choose if they wish to wear makeup or not, it’s not forced upon them.

This variety we think again, adds that genuine feel towards the reviews. Some of the team do shoot while on other shoots and therefore may have more makeup on than normal in their everyday lives.

Can I buy gifts for a presenter I like?

We have reached out to the team and asked them to create unique lingerie and hosiery based Amazon wish lists for you to browse and if you purchase an item from their Amazon wish list, the item/s will be reviewed and published with the 1000’s of other product reviews we have already published online for our members to enjoy.

Can I send you money to allow you to buy more products for the team?

We get asked this question quite a lot but have never put anything into place to allow you to do this until now that is. So we now offer anyone who wants to support the Lingerie Lowdown® team with a monetary gift the option to do so via PayPal. We’ve added a new Support page to our website, follow the link and there’s a special message from Sophia Smith too. Choose the monetary gift you wish to offer and all proceeds will of course go into purchasing even more great products for the team to review for you all. You do not have to be a member to support us.

Surely you are being paid by brands to do these reviews?

Absolutely not. We never receive a single penny from any brand for the reviews we film. Believe us when we say that we get emailed all the time from brands wanting to pay us to film reviews but we will never accept payment in cash for a review. How could we ever be honest and impartial if the presenter knew that a brand was paying us for the review.

The only way to be truly honest and impartial is to refuse to accept payment from brands. Other influencers get paid to say nice things but our team will only say nice things if the product deserves it. We have had a brand block us on social media in the past for being so honest and critical of their products. That speaks volumes to the brand in question!

How can I be sure you are being honest in your reviews?

You can trust us because of the fact we do not receive payment from any brands to say positive things. We purchase most of the products ourselves although we do collaborate with brands around the world who are fully appreciate of our honesty and are happy to provide samples for us to review for them in the full knowledge that we will be critical if the product does not live up to the high standards of our presenters.

Why don’t you have promo codes for a product like other sites?

Again, this comes down to our policy of being truly impartial and honest. How can we be critical of a product and then post a promo code to encourage you to go and buy it. Also, how honest does it look if someone is saying wonderful things about a product, right beside a promo code that earns them money if people go and buy it from them.

The only way to be truly trustworthy and impartial is to say no to any form of promotional or affiliate links. Yes we provide links to brands websites but there is no monetary benefit to us if you visit the website from clicking on the link on our website. We put them their to make it easy for you to find the right sites.

Do I have to be a member to listen to your podcasts?

Not at all. The podcasts that we publish twice a month are freely available across all the major podcast platforms for you to listen to. Full details about the podcasts, where to find them and what we have already published are all available on the Podcast page.

Can I buy the products after being worn by a presenter?

We are sorry but we are not that kind of website. We leave that to the numerous adult sites out there. Everything worn by the presenter is theirs to keep.

Can I pay for a custom video?

Again, we have never hidden from the fact that we work in a sector of the fashion industry that is very sexy and at times risqué, but custom videos is for adult sites and we are not that. So no, sorry we do not do custom videos and never will.

Can I meet a presenter?

Believe it or not, we are not a dating agency! Most of the team are in relationships or married and are not working with us to try and find a new soul mate. Please stop asking for dates or meet ups, we’re not that type of website!

Do you have a Patreon or Onlyfans page for more videos and photos?

No. As we have said before, we are proud to be a product review website. Those sites are aimed at more adult themed content which is not what Lingerie Lowdown® is about. We don’t think it’s right either for a membership based website to be charging you extra to see photos of the presenters. Members can check out the presenter galleries at no extra cost. Besides, why would we create another site for our members to get all the content when it’s all available once they join us here?

Why do some of your presenters wear pasties under sheer products?

We celebrate diversity and female empowerment and because we are all different, some of presenters are more comfortable about their nipples appearing on camera than others. So we allow the presenters to wear pasties under garments if they wish to. We will never force an individual to review an item that they are uncomfortable wearing. We ask that everyone respects the decisions of the presenters on how they review an item. Likewise with thongs worn for crotchless items, is the choice of the presenter if they wear a thong under a garment or not. We do things differently and more tastefully so if you were looking for content like that then – spoiler alert – the web is full of that for free!

I love what you do, can I become a presenter?

In principle yes. What we always ask of every presenter you see working with us, no matter their level of experience, is a test review is submitted so we can judge if they have what we are looking for in a presenter. You would not believe some of the videos we get from prospective reviewers! Far too many think you have to scream into the lens to be a presenter! Sorry, you’ve been watching too many YouTubers, that’s not our style.

We don’t want to see the camera moving around all up and down your bodies and weird voyeuristic angles! Again, that’s not our style. If you are wearing makeup as thick as Mrs Doubtfire’s facemask, pass on by! However, if you are genuine, real, fun and have something to say then film a test video and send it to us. As you’ll see from our 100+ presenters that we work with, there is no barrier to becoming a presenter with Lingerie Lowdown®. No matter your age, shape and size, gender or sexuality, it’s not important to us. Able or less able-bodied presenters welcomed too as you can see with our gorgeous Xoe Xapoian and Nicki Donnelly, two incredibly inspirational women. All ethnicities can join and there are no barriers to where you live.

Professional model or not it doesn’t matter. You’d be surprised at how many professional models we have turned away. Looking good for still photography is one thing, talking straight to camera (without shouting down at the viewer) is something very different. So long as you have a good Internet connection to send us videos and we like what we see, you or your partner could be the next presenter joining the biggest team online today.

Do you have a question that’s not been answered above?

Simply use the form on our Contact page and we will reply in a timely manner to answer your questions.