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Welcome to the Lingerie Lowdown podcast

Welcome to Lingerie Lowdown® The Podcast

We’ve been filming lingerie and hosiery reviews since 2016 and have since gone on to develop a huge following on our YouTube channels too, with over half a million subscribers across both our channels. Now we are hitting the airways with our podcasts.

We will be introducing you to our incredibly diverse team of presenters from across the globe, getting to know them a little more and chatting about working with Lingerie Lowdown®. It’s a great opportunity for them to answer your questions and to let you into their world of lingerie.

The lingerie industry is a multibillion-dollar business globally, growing bigger every day. From industry executives to independent designers to online retailers, our podcasts will be opening the doors and going behind the scenes to talk exclusively to the experts behind the brand names you love to wear. We’ll be finding out what got them started, where they see the industry heading and of course keeping you up to date with all the latest trends.

If you love lingerie and hosiery and want to know more about our presenters and the industry then Lingerie Lowdown The Podcast is the place for you. We now publish weekly podcasts, every Wednesday. You can access all the podcasts to choose an episode to listen to.


Where can I find the podcasts?

We have been officially approved on all the major Podcast platforms including Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify and many more as listed below. Simply search for ‘Lingerie Lowdown The Podcast’ on any of these platforms to get the podcasts which are freely available for everyone to listen to.


Making it easier to listen to our podcast

If you have an assistant device such as Amazon Alexa or Siri on your Apple devices, we’ve now made it even easier for you to listen to the latest podcast from us. Just say “Alexa or Hey Siri… please play the latest edition of the Lingerie Lowdown The Podcast” and it will automatically play for you.