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Since launching Lingerie Lowdown® in 2016, our incredible team have reviewed over 7,000+ lingerie and hosiery products from over 500 brands. This list will continue to grow as our team continue to seek out new brands all the time.

G World Intimates was established in 2004. Over the years G World Intimates has maintained its quality, fit with non generic unique designs, paired along with an up-to-date sophisticated package that creates high visibility of its products to over 3,000 retailers, and distributors worldwide.
A Playful Promises collaboration with renowned US fashion blogger Gabi Fresh. Available in sizes UK 16-28 and bra sizes 36-44 B-H, the collection features classic strappy detail, soft cup bralettes, suspender sets and more. Stock is limited edition, so grab your favourite pieces now!
Gabriella is a brand where technology is combined with creativity and knowledge backed up by experience that goes hand in hand with current trends. Gabriella has made life easier for women from all around the world so they can do what they are best at doing.
The Gatta brand has for decades delivered women with high quality underwear, clothes, tights and accessories. They are the most well-known Polish manufacturer of underwear. There is no lack of classical and every day products, including seamless and sexy sets for an evening for just two.
Physical activity is important for every woman who cares about herself, wants comfort during training, and at the same time wants to look stylish. For this reason, the Gatta brand has prepared a special collection of Gatta Active clothes, designed for women for whom physical activity is important.
Gatta Bodywear offers its customers comfortable tunics, t-shirts and tops, sexy and feminine dresses as well as skirts, slimming leggings and trousers. High quality fabrics with properly composed blends provide the skin with proper ventilation and allow clothing to keep its fashion for a long time.
All the supermarkets in the UK have their own range of clothing, for example Tesco have the brand F&F while Asda have George. Budget pricing from these brands does not always mean that they are inferior products and as we have found in the past, often the quality will surprise you.
Gerbe is a different kind of leg wear brand. Eschewing the words ‘season’ and ‘trend’ for more long lasting ones like ‘style’ or perhaps ‘elegance’, Gerbe are one of the few designers left in Europe that specialise in totally timeless and classic designs.
Rooted in the effortless ease of the Scandinavian design heritage, Gestuz simultaneously rebels against it by subtly disrupting and updating the classics. Gestuz was founded in 2008 by Sanne Sehested, who wanted to create a brand inspired by her own wardrobe.
Gio manufacture authentic ranges of Fully Fashioned and RHT stockings on original Reading knitting machines. They are one of the last remaining companies in the world to knit Fully Fashioned stockings on these authentic machines just as they were made in the 1960’s.
Gipsy have been selling hosiery for three generations and the brand is now over 30 years old. They bring the latest Italian and International fashions to customers who are looking for style, quality and value and pride themselves on serving its customers efficiently and promptly.
Giulia stands for quality and for the best price – quality – ratio you can find worldwide. They are constantly developing, working with the best production machines and supplying first-class textiles. Launching 4 collections a year and setting the trends, all at an unbeatable price!
Established in 2007 in the UK, Glamorous has experienced phenomenal growth becoming one of the leading womenswear brands on the UK and International Markets. They partner with some of the best retailers globally and can be found in more than 4,000 retail stores worldwide.
Glamory is a brand produced in Germany since 2005 that focuses on the plus size customer and is now available in America. Given that the average woman in the world has a dress size of 14, Glamory hosiery offers fashionable legwear with the perfect fit for the everyday needs of women.
Golden Lady don’t keep a huge range of designs. Their output is small but the quality is fantastic, considering their humble price tag. This is because Golden Lady believe quality doesn’t have to start at an impossible figure. They’re experts at putting quality and style on the legs of their customers.
Sweetheart Hosiery are a UK importer and distributor of hosiery. Their own brand name Goldenlegs is distributed in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Sweetheart Hosiery is a family run business and has now evolved into one of the UK’s leading wholesalers, importers and distributors.
Goldenpoint is an Italian brand launched in 2001. A successful retailer that aims to constantly improve results, paying great attention to innovation and product quality. By wearing a Goldenpoint product, you always have the perfect element that allows you to express your personality.
Gossard is a lingerie brand with outstanding heritage and style, known and trusted for coordinating lingerie that transcends from bedroom to everyday. Gossard strives to offer a perfect balance between fundamental comfort, fit, and enchanting luxury.
The Gracya brand originates from the Teresa Słonicz fashion house, which revolutionized the Polish fashion market. They have been designing unique designs for over 30 years. Utilising modern manufacturing facilities and with a talented team, they create products of the highest quality.
Gray Velvet is a brand that creates wicked and provocative lingerie and accessories that provide that certain tingling sensation that turns every night into an adventure. Their lingerie and erotic sets emphasize the female body and contain everything it takes to seduce you.
In 1981, GUESS sold its very first pair of jeans to Bloomingdale’s department store. Since then, GUESS has grown, becoming one of today’s most recognized and influential apparel brands in the world. The continued dedication and commitment of to brand is the driving force of GUESS.
Gymshark is a fitness apparel and accessories brand based in the UK. Created in 2012 by teenager Ben Francis and a group of his high-school friends, Gymshark has grown from a screen printing operation in a garage, into one of the fastest growing and most recognisable brands in fitness.